Technologies for Commercialisation

Commercialisation of the Aonla Cider Technology


  1. Aonla (Phyllanthus emblica Linn.) - Indian gooseberry also known as “Amritphal” in local parlance due to its high medicinal and therapeutic value owing to aggressive advocacy of its production technology area under aonla has increased substantially.
  2. Increased production has led to the aggravation of postharvest crop losses.
  3. Postharvest losses could be managed through development of value added products.
  4. Amongst various aonla products (Chawanprash, murabba, laddu, supari) already available in the market, aonla juice is getting popular amongst health conscious populace.

  5. Initiatives

  6. Keeping the global consumer preferences in view CISH has developed a unique fermented, nutritious and refreshing drink-AONLA CIDER from aonla fruit.
  7. Aonla cider is a sweet fermented drink having 10o B TSS, 4% alcohol, 0.4% polyphenol, 66mg-1 ascorbic acid.

  8. Outcome

  9. The product has found favour with domestic fruit processing entrepreneurs.

  10. Impact

  11. The production technology has recently been transferred to Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship Development, Industrial Area, Jagdishpur at a cost of Rs. 3,00,000 (Three lakhs only).
Aonla Cider Commercialisation of Aonla Cider